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Get to know the team of hustlers working behind the scenes of Fish on Toast! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or if you want to know how you can get involved with the society as well.

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Committee 2021-22

Radu Popescu

  • Tom Phipps

    Vice President
  • Ibi Szenes

    Head of Sponsorship
  • Vlad Hilea

    Tech Star
  • Chelsea Davis

    Marketing Designer
  • Denitsa Hadzhiyska

    Marketing Designer
  • Sam Topping

    Events Coordinator
  • Julius Maisch

    Events Coordinator
  • Jasmin Sealy

    Events Coordinator
  • Nikhil Kumar

    Events Coordinator
  • Angelina Der Arakelian

    Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • Isabel Rose

    Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
  • Jamie Croucher

    Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Previous Committee